Spiders are the third type of insect encountered in the player's journey. When they get close enough to a bot, building, or the astronaut, they will inflate their abdomen before exploding into a multitude of fiery fragments. These fragments will destroy anything they come into contact with, reducing it to a wreck or ruin. Luckily, the spider does not survive this attack, and its explosion can be avoided easily by simply maneuvering the bot or astronaut away from the spider as it begins to inflate.
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Resources Titanium · Energy · Uranium
Items Power cells · Flags · Black box · Derelict objects · TNT · Organic matter · Keys
Hazards Water · Gravity forcefields · Mines · Lava · Lightning · Poisonous mushrooms
Insects Ant · Spider · Wasp · Worm · Alien Nest · Alien Queen

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