A fully-charged power plant.

The power plant is a power cell factory. It transforms a titanium cube into a regular power cell fully charged and ready for use. A power plant requires some energy in the subsoil. If the satellite report says that energy is available only at some places, you will need a sniffer bot to prospect the subsoil. The marks it lays down provide information about the specifics of its findings: a green cross means that there is an energy deposit at this location beneath the surface, which is indispensable for the construction of a power plant or a power station. If the large power cell at the base of the plant remains red after the construction is completed, this means that the site is not geologically adequate.

Requirements for buildingEdit

Any flat and geologically adequate surface of at least 4 meters wide.




Regular power cell.

Power sourceEdit

Subsoil energy.

Duration of operationEdit

12 seconds.

Object CategoryEdit


See alsoEdit

CBOT Language, Variable types and Categories.

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