A bot is a programmable robot. All bots have the following functions:

  • radar - Object detection
  • search - Object detection
  • direction - Calculates a rotation angle
  • distance - Calculates a distance
  • distance2d - Calculates a distance
  • wait - Waits
  • move - Moves forward or backward
  • turn - Turns
  • goto - Goes to a given position
  • motor - Direct motor control
  • jet - Direct jet engine control
  • message - Displays a message
  • retobject - Returns an object from array
  • errmode - Error treatment control
  • abstime - Returns the absolute time
  • ipf - Sets execution speed

For more information about these functions, see CBOT Language

All bots have all of the attributes detailed in the Building page, as well as the following:

[none for now]

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